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Now you can make your Epis the way your Mom would make it...using a Manche Ak Pilon. Each of our Beautiful handcrafted natural wood Pilon is made in Haiti with floral artesanal craftmanship designs and hand painted. Each Pilon comes to you pre-washed and shined. Use this beautiful Pilon in the kitchen to make your rustic style Epis or use it as a decorative piece in you vibrant caribbean kitchen. Order yours today.

How to care for your Manchez ak Pilon and maintain it's vibrant appearance: Wash with gentle dish soap immediately after use, rinse with cold water and dry with paper tower. After drying.... use a new sheet of paper towel doused with a little bit of vegetable oil and wipe the entire Pilon and Manche. Your Manche Pilon will be restored back to it's beautiful lustrous shine. (Style and color may vary)

Manche Ak Pilon (Medium Size)

SKU: 0021
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