Djon-Djon is used to make one of the most popular rice dishes in Haiti ...."Diri Djon Djon" also known by other cultures as "Black Mushroom Rice". When soaked/boiled in hot water the dried mushroom releases a distinctive black color, aroma and then use the beautiful ebony water to create some of the most delicious dishes. Se koupe Dwet..Bon Bagay! Our Djon Djon is shipped to us directly from Haiti then packaged in individual 1 cup airtight, heat sealed, thick barrier bags which protects the product from moisture, gas and outside elements. Our packaging is FDA and USDA compliant. Order your Djon Djon At CCQ today. We offer 3 full cups of loosely packed Djon Djon for the incredible price of $14.99. No longer are the days were you have to plead with someone to bring you back some of your favorite ingredients from "Home", or go from store to store wasting gas trying to find your favorite ingredients