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Once you open this bottle and take a wiff of the amazing fragrance of Freshly grounded ingredients, you'll want to sprinkle it on everything. Gift yourself my very first and might I add amazing fragrant spice mix "Kay Manman". Made fresh, the week you recieve your spice is the week it was freshly grinded for optimum flavor. We make our spices in small batches to maintain the consistancy.... made with the highest quality ingredients like cinnamon from Haiti, fresh nutmeg and other natural spice. Add my amazing spice to your Chokola, Oatmeal, Bannan Graje, Avwan, Ak100, Kremas, Cakes and so much more.......No GMO, Glutan Free, Paleo Safe, Vegan Friendly, No sugar, No sodium, Ground Fresh Daily. Order Yours Today!

#CCQ Kay Manman Spice Mix

SKU: 0012
Sales Tax Included
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